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Emotional expressions

I recently made some short prototype stimulus clips for the EC TANGO research project. The motion capturing was done by a colleague, I then processed the data in MotionBuilder and rendered in 3ds max. I’m quite pleased with the overall aesthetics of the clips, and surprised how emotionally expressive they are despite using such a sparse avatar!

Here are some samples I can share, along with a little game: Identify the emotions! :-)

Your guess was… ???

The Vicon System explained

I just finished this a few days ago, and I rather like the final product!

This clip is intended for use in our section’s presentations, to explain the operation of the Vicon motion capture system: how the cameras infrared-illuminate the markers, capture their 3d positions, reconstruct a virtual skeleton and compute the joint center trajectories.

Software used: 3ds max for modeling and animation, Composite for assembly and effects (self-illumination glow, z-buffer unsharp masking, lens effects.)

A virtual Vicon camera

We needed a “virtual motion lab” for our presentations, so I had to make a virtual VICON camera in 3dsmax. Fun times!

No materials yet...

Time from start to modeling finish: roughly two days… Because this is not a realtime modelĀ I used Turbosmooth modeling.

Balance Board

My rendition of a Wii Balance Board. Somewhat short on details, it doesn’t make for a terribly impressive 3d model… but it’s perfect for what we inteded it for, a visualization of an experimental setup. Also, it should avoid any trademark/copyright pitfalls…

I’m a fan of those smooth curves and surfaces! :)

Time taken: half a day.

Championship cat!

Since we’re doing so well in the World Cup, our cat Flecki also donned a football shirt… obviously she’s a fan of Philipp Lahm. :)

Flecki with football shirt

Flecki with football shirt

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