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iPhone, here I come!

I’ve recently started to acquaint myself with iPhone development. Being completely new to the Cocoa (touch) API, I’ve been impressed by the ease and level of abstraction that this development environment offers (although, of course, getting used to the API concepts will take some while – I’ve never coded for the Mac before). I like how Apple strongly encourages the use of the MVC paradigm, it almost invariably results in good code architecture.

I’ve chosen to develop a “sellable” application as a tutorial project for me – I always learn best with a clear goal in mind. I’m calling it “BudgetBalancer”, and it’s a tool for a couple who are trying to balance their expenses. I may have to find a better name before putting it in the App store… :)

The project will teach me about:

  • Objective-C
  • Interface building
  • Cocoa touch
  • Core Data
  • online synchronization

I’m a few days into the project now, and really starting to like Objective-C. I found this tutorial very helpful – it’s concise and concentrates on the essentials. Perfect if you already know a lot of languages and really don’t need to be taking baby steps.

I’ll try to keep posting about my progress as it, uh… progresses. :)