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Willowleaf forge (unfinished)

Now this was really ambitious. I had planned a complete japanese-style forge, along with the surrounding landscape (I’d even drawn a map), characters and a bit of storyline. I wanted to model everything myself, and I had already taken a lot of photos to make textures out of. Let’s say that I learned the limits of what a single person can do. :)

Below are some test renders of the forge building – that’s as far as I got…

The blue people-shapes were for size reference.

Looking into the forge room...

Another angle.

The front porch.

Unfinished work

Due to time constraints (I was attending university at the time…) I had abandoned a few over-ambitious projects. I wonder what would have become of them if I had pursued them…

A leafblade sword - "steel version"

"Pattern welded" version

"The Cleaver". You've got to envision this thing as huge.

A rather nasty-looking warhammer with a dragon's head.

A yari/katana hybrid with red painted fuller and a "Jiktar".

The "Zwiespalt". Even today, I still like the design...

Other Morrowind projects

Encouraged by my success with the katana mod, I took on some more modeling projects. Some pictures below….

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It’s the katanas that really brought me into the Morrowind modding community. In the real world, they are the pinnacle of japanese craftsmanship, combining art, craft, grace and spirituality in one single material object. Many, including me, find them very beautiful, both for what they are and what they represent.

So of course I was happy to see that Bethsoft included katanas in Morrowind. Well.. until I actually saw them!

original morrowind katana

the vanilla Morrowind Katana... yuck!

Back then I didn’t know a whole lot about 3d modeling, much less UV mapping, texturing or game engine integration. But I had a strong motivation and was willing to learn! Having had access to a student version of 3ds max, I read tutorials about lattice modeling and, very soon, had a much nicer katana at hand.

steel daisho set

The complete "steel katana" set.

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