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Elderscrolls fun

Here’s a fun little thing I came up with after solving the GameInformer translation riddle: an online dovahkiin rune writer. You can input arbitrary text, and the web site will find the appropriate runes, as far as they are known. You canĀ try it out here!

At the moment it does only phonetic transcription, no translation. Maybe I’ll add a little translation function later – shouldn’t be too hard if the language is just a 1:1 mapping to English…

Technologies: pure HTML, CSS and Javascript. Time from conception to completion: 4-5 hrs…

WordPress update woes

Bettina and I have organized our wedding on a WordPress-powered website. Being quite new to WordPress, we’ve been customizing our site theme (twentyten) by directly editing the style.css file. This worked great… until the WordPress 3.0.4 update came along.

The update restored the style.css file back to default, undoing all our changes without so much as making a backup copy!