Find of the day: cmd.exe’s REPLACE

Here’s a surprisingly tough little problem: imagine you have a directory with ca. 90.000 image files, in  my case a frame stack of a video sequence. A selection of these has been processed, and the edited files now reside in a different directory. Now I want to re-build the updated frame stack by copying the files from the old directory to the new one without prompting and without overwriting.

Seems easy, right? It would be, if Explorer wouldn’t crash when trying to copy such a massive amount of files. On the command line, it seems that copy, xcopy and robocopy are not built for this purpose. You can make them overwrite without prompting, but not not overwrite without prompting

Enter replace. I’d never heard of the command until today,  but

replace <source> <destination> /a

does the trick…

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