About me


Nevermind the photo, I actually ditched my glasses for contact lenses earlier this year. :)


Graduated with a diploma in Computer Science (Dipl. Inf.) from Eberhard-Karls University of Tübingen in ’09.

You can read my Diploma Thesis online here.


  • Programming:
    • C/C++ on Windows and Linux, with a variety of Frameworks, APIs and libraries: Win32, libc, STL, Qt, SDL, OpenGL, DirectX, …
    • C#/.NET
    • PHP, (My)SQL, HTML, CSS and JavaScript for web development
    • Objective-C on iPhone/iPad
    • MATLAB
    • GLSL shader development
    • a fleeting relationship with Java, also on mobiles
  • 3d production:
    • 3ds max
    • MotionBuilder for character animation
    • some compositing and rotoscoping experience with Toxik/Composite
    • minor skills with Photoshop and Inkscape
    • I’m good at modeling from existing reference imagery, but rather weak as a creative artist :(
  • Specialty:
    • Motion capture with the VICON system, from system setup to character animation
    • low-level programming with Tobii X120 research-grade eyetracker
    • helped build a low-cost 180° VR wall
    • some experience with mobile robot localization, computer vision and RFID tag detection during my diploma thesis
  • small-scale administrative stuff, including Active Directory
  • I’m always excited to learn more!



In the past few years I’ve very much enjoyed 15th century re-enactment / living history, together with my soon-to-be-wife, Bettina. Our activities include sewing historically accurate clothing, tent painting, fencing, leatherworking, making small and large accessories… if you’re curious, why not read all about it on Bettina’s pages, or on our reenactment group’s website? :)

Bettina's Pages

Lebendige Schwertkunst


I joined the japanese language courses at Tübingen University during a mild but persistent manga and anime addiction, and found out that I wasn’t doing badly at it at all – so much in fact that I minored in Japanese Studies, eventually also attending the culture, society and history courses.

I can’t make any claim to fluency in the language, in particular my kanji reading skills are horrid, but I’m trying to improve or at least preserve my level.


I’ve been passionate about computer games ever since my father brought home a Commodore C64 when I was a little kid. And while not all of those C64 and Amiga games may have been suitable for my tender age then (no one thought of age ratings or verification back then – well, except for Leisure Suit Larry…) I immensely enjoyed journeying through virtual worlds.

Since then I’ve come to know that there is only one thing better than consuming virtual worlds: creating them. Hence, modding has become a longtime hobby.

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